125th Anniversary Celebration

Wilcox celebrated its 125th Anniversary on June 10, 11, and 12, 2011.  There were many activities for all who attended, and the nice weather helped to make it a great weekend!


We would like to thank ALL of you who helped in big and small ways to make the Wilcox 125th Celebration the BEST EVER!!!

We can't ever thank you enough for all your time and effort!  The following individuals were Chair of their committee and need to be commended for an excellent job!!

  • Brad Gardels - Opening for Celebration
  • Tim Kingsley - Pageant
  • Vicki Swanson - Quilt Show
  • Aileen Blank - Historical Display
  • Tracy Groothuis, Latricia Nitchie, Shana Nitchie, Jenniger Bergstrom and Bobbie Strong - Style Show
  • Steve Johnson - Tractor Poker Run
  • Kermit Wilke - Car Show during Poker Run
  • Daryl & Andrea Price - Saturday Evening Meal and Cafe
  • Dana Woollen - Street Dance
  • Shawn Woollen - 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament
  • Matt Jenkins - Horseshoe Tournament
  • Mark Twohig and all Firemen - Awesome Parade
  • Larry & Deb Latter - 125th Float
  • Nebraska Game & Parks Commission - Mini-Expo in the Park
  • Pastor Mel Mertens, Pastor Craig Cedar, Pastor Virginia Fleharty and Pastor Bud Gillette - Christian Celebration and the use of the churches for the weekend events
  • Brett Henery and crew - Wilcox CIA and BBQ
  • Grace Adam and Gail Johnson - Wilcox History Book
  • Mark Adam - Closing for Celebration
  • Blair Johnson and Don Fecht - for making it all happen!!
  • And so many more of you - too many to mention - but we are forever grateful for your help and loyalty to Wilcox and this 125th Celebration!!

And last, but not least, our Faithful, Untiring and Wonderful 125th Committee President, Jennifer Ziebarth Kinerk!!!


There are still t-shirts ($12, gray or white) and history books ($60) available to purchase.  Contact Jennifer Kinerk at Gary Thompson Agency, 308-478-5283 if you would like to purchase either item.  For history books, make check payable to Wilcox History Book and mail to:  Wilcox History Book, PO Box 130, Wilcox, NE 68982.  Please include your address if you would like it mailed to you.  Make check for $60 per book (plus $6 if you want it mailed to you).  For more information on the books, contact Grace Adam at gadam_1976@yahoo.com or 308-478-5427 or Gail Johnson at gailellenruth@yahoo.com or 308-478-5580.

Please visit us on Facebook:  Wilcox 125th Celebration - Ties That Bind.  There are many pictures and comments posted!  We also hope to have pictures added to this site soon.

Photos Courtesy of Christy Nelson Photography

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